Evangelist Fikelephi Jackson Carries a message of Hope, Redemption, Forgiveness, in her own words she says “God took my Mess and turned into a Message”
She has taken this message to the World, Rwanda, South Africa, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, USA, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, United Kingdom just to name a few. Dr Lindiwe Miya one of her Mentees writes “Evangelist Fikelephi Jackson is God fearing : everything has to be referenced to the Word of God High achiever : Always exemplifies high standard with her One goal to develop leaders of tomorrow for the Kingdom of God and of course, the awards she has won since starting her calling. Enabler : She allows you to develop at your pace ensuring that she guides and protect God’s plan for you.
Catalyst & coach: Pushes you to a point of being uncomfortable but through her motherly and sisterly smile, you do not feel overwhelmed while achieving in a short space of time. Holistic : She will be involved in All arrears of your life (family, career and calling) whilst respecting your privacy. This is not easy to find with other mentors as they tend to cover one or two aspects of your life but struggle with spiritual development. *Patient : She will not reject you due to mistakes but helps you through them however long that takes whilst still ensuring that your targets are met.
Perseverance : This is witnessed through her book Against All odds as well as watching her mentor hardened, broken, proud, introverts and extroverts over the years until they become what God intended them to be.
Humbleness* : She is able to respects everyone irrespective of where you come from.
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Threshing Floor Corner

Philippians 1:6 NKJV
6 being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun (A)a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ


Evangelist Fikelephi I am holy spiritually over the moon, I am so excited that God has created the loving and caring woman such as you. We have never met but the Qoxi Zindlovukazi Community group has rooted you and your presence as created by God was before my eyes on Facebook platform. I am looking forward to your Godly sessions on every Wednesday and yesterday, the 24th when I didn’t see the notification that you are on live. I became disappointed, I kept visiting my phone checking if you are on. In short, I give thanks and honour to the Upper Most High Yahweh to have given me the opportunity to have met you using Facebook. I would like to learn more from you about our creator, ABBA FATHER. Thank you

Comments / Questions

Fikelephi Jackson was my guest speaker at the launch of my Charity onthe 19th of January 2019.Fikelephi is an author and also the CEO of Against all odds but still standing charity organisation. A woman who is full of compassion and love.Througout the preparation of my launch she could call to check how things were going on,which shows how caring she is .She delivered a powerful speech which change people profoundly on an emotional level and help them make some kind of professional or personal change in their lives and within themselves. Fikelephi spoke of social and community issues. Her main goal was to educate my 150 guests about supporting Charities and to give them the power to take posetive action. She also gave a speech that rallies people together for the good cause. My guests were moved by the way Fikhelipe spoke above her past which was so moving and inspiring. She also spoke about how she had overcome adversity in her life.She is a very good motivational speaker ,someone who gives a successful speech that take action on virtually any topic.

Mary Maswera

CEO Simary's Help Child Foundation

It's such an honour to 've met with you Evangelist Fikelephi. I was personally ministered to when you stripped yourself bare before the brethren regarding your processes with God, withholding nothing. Your hunger and quest for the undiluted and pure word of God to be availed the people of God could not have been more glaring as you kept emphasising on the need for the flock to be fed by the shepherd, just as the Chief Shepherd (the Lord) instructed, as well as the imminent and devastating consequences in the absence of adhering to the instruction. In a sentence, I would describe you woman of God as, a vessel completely sold out and sanctified, yielded to raising Oaks as sacrifices of beauty for the great commission. Thank you for yielding ma. We are glad you came.

Julia Eze.

Lagos, Nigeria

The first time I met mother Fikelephi I was so expectant to learn what kind of a woman she is and how she manages to do all what she does; spreading the gospel as well as reaching out to the less privileged in various countries including Malawi. It was really such a great privilege for me meeting her and learning from her. Through Mother Fikelephi I learnt how important it is to stand strong as a woman regardless of all the challenges that come due to gender issues. I learnt how important it is to value myself as a woman through believing in the Word of God and working hard to achieve my goals. I also learnt how important it is to value humanity through her reach out activities. From the time I met her, I keep on reminding myself that I can also be able to go through similar steps that Mother Fikelephi has taken and I strongly believe I will make it. Mam, you are such a great blessing and inspiration to the world. May God continue blessing you on my behalf and on behalf of those unreachable souls out there.

Nancy Fortune Dent

Malawi 🇲🇼 Lillongwe

We bless the Lord as Goyifa Vision, an international organization that works with pastors and leaders in different countries on the global. We consider it an honor that the Lord connected us with this great woman of God by the names Evangelist Fike through prophetess Regina Joseph.. Since she joined us she has been a blessing to us, her as a person and also the organization against all odds .. We have been with her on two international summit that we organize for leaders from different countries. The first one was in Rwanda Kigali in December 2019 where she was able to encourag over 400 women with her message and supported them in different ways through her organization and that was so amazing to us as Goyifa because she was the second person to do such a thing through out our five years of operation. And we pray that the Lord will increase her greatly together with her partners in Jesus name. The second time she joined us was early this year 2020 in the first week of March when we hosted our first Go Yes summit this year in Nigeria and seeing her available was a miracle because what she went through and actually many other people totally failed due to the season of COVID-19 but she was among the only 12 Nations that went through it all to be available. Her powerful message she delivered to pastors and leaders from those Nations will never be forgotten. And as Goyifa we are here to say that may God increase you and bless you greatly. And to the rest of people, we are saying that if anyone of you is looking for a person to pattern with don't look for any other, she is the one and Lord will bless you great. Thank you so much. Yours faithfully Dr. Kikulwe Living Robert. Founder Goyifa Vision.

Dr. Robert Kikulwe

Founder Goyifa Vision (UGANDA)