Fikelephi Jackson is Philanthropist, Ordained Evangelist, an Award Winning Author, Motivational Speaker & Broadcaster
She is happily married to Colin Jackson

Dr Lindiwe Miya writes Evangelist Fikelephi is a
Catalyst & coach: Pushes you to a point of being uncomfortable but through her motherly and sisterly smile, you do not feel overwhelmed while achieving in a short space of time. Holistic : She will be involved in all areas of your life (family, career and calling) whilst respecting your privacy. This is not easy to find with other mentors as they tend to cover one or two aspects of your life but struggle with spiritual development. Perseverance : This is witnessed through her book Against All odds as well as watching her mentor hardened, broken, proud, introverts and extroverts over the years until they become what God intended them to be.

    Fikelephi Jackson is mother of seven children consisting of Five Boys & Two Girls

    Sadly in 2008 their Daughter Patience Died in a car accident of which 3 Girls Died only one survived

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