I met Fikelephi Jackson over 10 years ago as we both attend the same church. Fikelephi was also a leader in the women’s ministrycalled Girlfriends. It was at one of the weekends away that I was introduced to a book that she had written called against all odds I have survived. This book is inspirational, courageous and sad all at the same time I could not put it down! In fact I read this book in 24 hours as I wanted to know what happened next and how Fikelephi overcame her next challenge. Fikelephi's faith is admirable and her heartfelt trust in Our Lord is remarkable. I recommend this book to be used as a tool to all organisations who help and support women overcoming great adversities. It is a easy read, superbly written a fantastic book, I can't wait for her next book. At this weekend retreat I found out that Fikelephi Jackson was a mentor. I thought that she would be a good mentor having read her book I identified with her journey however I didn’t take up the challenge to be mentored by anyone or have anyone as an accountability partner up until 2013. From that time we have had numerous breakthroughs and answered prayers which I can testify that her presence in my life was orchestrated by the Lord and I can truly thank God for her life, her obedience and her solid foundation in the bible. Once I began my mentorship I also began to volunteer for her Charity Against All Odds still standing. Fikelephi Jackson has been fundamental in enabling me to recognise my gifts and persuading me into using them too bless others and use them to give birth to my ministry. For example she always saw me as a great public speaker so she made me the resident MC for all of the Against all Odds events this helped me develop and gain confidence which has now led for me to be confident in building my own motivational speaking and support service ministry. Fikelephi is definitely a power packed unique woman of God who has taught me, guided me and supported me and my entire family to grow into our God given purpose.

Sukaena Callander

My Journey with Fikelephi

It is always a pleasure to have a spiritual mentor who is more like a mother, for me Mrs Jackson is more than a mentor she has become the mother that l never had! I can not recommend enough her service to me personally and my family. She is someone who takes her role of a spiritual mentor seriously. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is and how serious your situation is but l have always found Mrs Jackson approachable also non judgemental.

Maureen Mbondiah

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I have known Fikelephi Jackson since 2006 as a new member at New Wine Church UK. This led to my leading her home cell group and have served with her in the New Wine Church Women’s Ministry . This is where she encouraged me to attend NWC leadership development programmes whilst doing my beginner’s classes, membership classes and Believers’ College. I can describe Fikelephi as: God fearing : everything has to be referenced to the Word of God High achiever : Always exemplifies high standard with her One goal to develop leaders of tomorrow for the Kingdom of God and of course, the awards she has won since starting her calling. Enabler : She allows you to develop at your pace ensuring that she guides and protect God’s plan for you. Catalyst & coach: Pushes you to a point of being uncomfortable but through her motherly and sisterly smile, you do not feel overwhelmed while achieving in a short space of time. Holistic : She will be involved in All arrears of your life (family, career and calling) whilst respecting your privacy. This is not easy to find with other mentors as they tend to cover one or two aspects of your life but struggle with spiritual development. Patient : She will not reject you due to mistakes but helps you through them however long that takes whilst still ensuring that your targets are met. Perseverance : This is witnessed through her book Against All odds as well as watching her mentor hardened, broken, proud, introverts and extroverts over the years until they become what God intended them to be. Humbleness* : She is able to respects everyone irrespective of where you come from or your status in life and would not make you feel her importance and status through her achievements. The most important thing when you come to Kingdom development is that whatever achievements you have attained, always approach a journey of your calling as a child so that your spirit is open to be teachable. I enjoyed my experiences with her and am achieving because of people like her who believes in other people’s abilities. I have learned that the Life Journey is most enjoyable when accompanied by an experienced person as you avoid a lot of humps on the way. God bless you and the choice you make.

Dr Lindiwe Miya Kasibiya

South Africa
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Hallelujah! Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ! I run short of words when I think about The Rise of ZIPPORAH 3rd edition which was on Saturday 21 November 2020. I am humbled by the love the Woman of grace Evangelist Fikelephi Jackson showed us. I knew she had a handful of meetings to juggle throughout her day when she accepted the invitation. To my pleasant surprise, not only did she avail herself but infact she came along with two other ministers of the gospel. Evangelist Fikelephi brought with her a fire so strong that you could barely see the pass of time as she travelled with us from Zipporah, Deborah through to Jael. The ladies soon found themselves in the labour ward when she started leading prayer, attending to prayer requests and declaring upon people's lives. Marriages were birthed on this day, dead businesses and ideas were resurrected from the grave. The feedback after the session was so overwhelming and we know that our testimonies are on the way. One thing for certain is that our lives will never be the same again. Thank you for your heart full of kindness. Thank you for the love you showed us and thank you for allowing God to use you in such a time as this. I give all the glory to the name of Jesus Christ! At all cost Zipporah must arise!


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To God be the glory!! Who connects us with our destiny helpers. I am proud to say that I am Mrs Fikelephi Jackson’s Mentee. I cannot even describe how blessed I am to know Mrs Fikelephi Jackson because the stuff I eat on the table of one to one mentorship is out of this world. Mrs Fikelephi Jackson goes deep down with you to uproot everything that God has not planted in your life. She takes her time with you to make sure that whatever the enemy meant for harm in your life will be turned for your good. The mentorship program is indeed a unique program in its own way. The Eagles threshing floor prayer line is also one of its kind. We learn and pray together with other ladies. What I really like is that the platform is full of powerful women of God who are hungry and focused to see changes in their lives. The diversity of topics shared on the platform is mind blowing.

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My name is Michael Mbondiah and I am married to Chipo who is one of the ladies on the Eagles Threshing Floor program. I am an entrepreneur and passionate about empowering people from different walks of life to realise their God given destinies. I am very pleased to have this opportunity to testify about my journey so far with Mrs Fikelephi Jackson as a mentee on the “Unique Mentoring Program.” Mrs Jackson takes her time to know a person and provides ample time to the mentee to express themselves. Through attentive listening and delving in the word of God, she goes to the core issues uncovering hidden mysteries through the help of the Holy Spirit. In the short time I have been on the program I have learnt a lot and understood the root causes of some of the challenges I have faced in my life. The most important part has been that revelations and solutions have come forth with focused action plans that enable forward movement with tangible results in personal life, family and business front. In addition to everything she does, she is an anointed teacher of the word. Mrs Jackson has a warm motherly personality and God uses her in mighty ways. She is a complete joy to work with.

Michael Mbondiah